Okey dey (havesomenyquil) wrote,
Okey dey

Today is Jason's birthday, so I hung out with him for the day. Spent an enviable amount of money on him, so the perks of being my friend are high people. So...be my friend...please? please? I'll be your best friend, yeah, and I have lots of candy and I can do tricks too.

We ate at some madly expensive chinese restaurant that came to 30 bucks for two people, two meals, two drinks, but it was pretty good so I'm not really complaining, it's just my wallet crying, not me. har. and then we went to the mall and picked him up some "hire-me" clothes so he can get a job. The task of babysitting serenity while he picked out some clothes was bestowed upon me, she wasn't unruly, I basically followed her around while she swiped some items that I would faithfully return like a fine upstanding citizen.

After that we went to his house and I put some mp3s on his computer that I had saved on a disc. The gift of music too, i'm so great. so, be my friend. Because I'm cool and I also have lots of cool music because I'm cool and I'd make a cool friend and a good one too. pleeeeeeeeeeeasshehehehease.....

*ties a rope to a tree limb and jumps off*

In other news, I'm still at his house finishing off the CDs then I'll go home and...I don't know, take a dump and go to bed. Which is weird, because most people don't have to take dumps and all.

and fuck all of you, I don't care if any of you want to be my friend. *gives a middle finger to all and then points it to the sky* I'll just drink and drink and then ohhhhh gooooooood *falls over*

Okay, I'm done role playing. Goodnight.
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