Okey dey (havesomenyquil) wrote,
Okey dey

The Days are Pure Depression

We got rid of the cat the other day, finally. It wasn't really a super awesome fun cat, plus the fact that he could have caused an eviction for us combined to make: SUPER-NOT-WANTED CAT!!!! So there goes the birthday present. Yeah...umm....yeah.

I've been reading George Carlin's book When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?. Quite a funny read, strongly anti-christian, too. Huge plus. I think I'm starting to realize I share a lot of conservative values...which is weird because I thought I was a crazy liberal. I think I can settle for conservative with radical tendencies? I don't know, I'm not too up with politics though being a have-not and what-not. I just want some f(ah)king money!

Speaking of: Been doing masterful amounts of business research, but not really. I'd really like to start a business, but I don't know what the hell to do. I have limited skills in everything, it's like a "Jack of NO trades and master of none" so what could I do? I'm too impatient to do anything, and attentive deficit like a mofo to learn something anyway. I want to do something fun, but I don't want it to be useless and an unnoticed shack business with a small clique clientele. BORING! PLUS: Broke as hell, so I've been looking up information on business loans but they all seem like dead end streets to me. How can I make money by borrowing money? Do I really expect to make large enough profits to float above the interest? Sad. So many scary questions hold me back, along with the tragic laziness.

So I've been thinking about going to school to learn web design, theoretically it seems like it would be perfect for me. I could go anywhere I want with wireless internet, do some playing on the laptop tweaking sites here and there then I could go home and get paid. AWESOME! Reality Check: Who needs web-designers? It seems like they're a dime a dozen, you get these kids who got their start making lame geocities sites when they were 14 eleven years ago, so they're hot shit now and then there are those who went to college for that shit, and what do I want to do? Take some short class and be like "Hi guys! I'm a freelance webdesigner with 6 months worth of education! I rule!" sigh. Maybe I'm wrong...but it probably doesn't matter....tragic flaw of mine, I won't say it again!
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