Okey dey (havesomenyquil) wrote,
Okey dey


I'm currently supremely interested in my credit rating and improving it. It's becoming a sick new fetish or something. I fantasize about taking out loans and paying them off in full, having a credit card and keeping them low plus fully paid off each month. The erotic pleasures I get from thinking about a high credit score, my nose is bleeding profusely.

In other news of interest, I'm also doing phat amounts of research on kosher foods and the process of cleansing that goes with it. I think the hassidics are onto something here, I could be wrong but 3000+ years of dietary strictness does not seem like a bad idea to me. I'm not into all the spiritual mysticism that goes into it, and I'm not too worried about my dairy items touching my meat items (something about not bathing the young goat's meat in the milk of its mother, oh tragedy!) but there's also a reason why that stuff is mad expensive, but if I did it myself? I'd be healthier than...umm....healthy, unless I poisoned myself or something.

I was in such a good mood earlier today, but I think it kind of tapered off. I want to change so much of my lifestyle, I want to focus on improving myself, I hope this is the change I need. I still have some work to do though, so I guess this is it.

By the way, Dihydroxyacetone is used in sunless tanning products and we ship that where I work. AWESOME!

Or something.

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