Okey dey (havesomenyquil) wrote,
Okey dey

I re-dyed my hair today, trying to go back to my natural color. I had some highlights in it that faded to frighteningly real looking grey (unless, of course, I am going grey) so I decided to try to go back to the original flava. Unsuccessfully. I now have bad black hair, at work. No one said anything about it though, so I guess I don't look like a Count or anything. I'm almost disappointed but it works for me.

I went out to eat with the parents last night, riding in their vehicle with them. If I forgot why I swore never to ride with them again they conveniently reminded me. It's nice to be able to eat quickly and leave by myself so as not to have to be embarrassed as mom tries to pretend she has control over the brat.

I'm hungry though, so I'll probably cut this rant short. I might leave work early too, it's been really slow lately. Which is not a complaint in the least, it gives me a lot of time to harass people in LJLand. You can only harass LJers so long though before you have to find something to do of real substance.
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